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Founded in 2015 with just pen and paper,

TYPE + Sundry is all about helping you unleash your inner creative, so that you can experience the delight of creating - for yourself and the ones you love!

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"I really enjoyed all the tips that Brenda taught! I appreciated how patient she was with all of us. The pace was appropriate and the materials were very comprehensive, especially in the connecting of certain letters. Thank you for the wonderful workshop!"

~ Modern Calligraphy Workshop ~

"The workshop has greatly increased my love for brush lettering! Brenda was such a patient teacher and gave really helpful tips to improve myself. The simple blending was really fun! I'm so excited to try out all the possible colour combinations. I can't wait to attend the next workshop for blending!"

~ Watercolour Brush Lettering workshop ~

 "Brenda was very detailed in her explanations especially in the letter form which was very helpful during my practice. Materials given made a perfect starter kit and adequate for further practice. I enjoyed the workshop and I'm looking forward to joining her other classes."

~ Modern Calligraphy Workshop ~

"The workshop was fun and engaging! Brenda was very clear with her tips and instructions!"

~ Bleeds x Blends Workshop ~

Watercolour Illustration

Modern Calligraphy

Brush Lettering

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I'm the face behind TYPE + Sundry.

When I'm not running after my four boys and keeping them out of trouble, I write, and I paint. 

I also help people like you find and use the best techniques and resources for calligraphy and watercolour so that you, can experience the delight of creating for yourself and the ones you love!