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November Treats // Watercolour Desserts with Wei Tieng

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by Wei Tieng of blackmilkproject.com *
This November, we're beyond thrilled to have Wei Tieng as our guest instructor once again! Wei Tieng's work is fresh, modern and ultra-appealing. We fell head over heels in in love with her whimsical style and approach to abstract realism and are certain that you will too.
To see more of Wei Tieng's work, check out: @wei.tieng
The Essentials
Learn to draw and paint your favourite cupcakes in this fun and interactive class! Say goodbye to flat and dull paintings - get ready to see your illustrations jump right off the page with Wei Tieng's insightful, yet simple to follow techniques.
Date: Saturday, 9 November, 2019
Time: 2am - 5pm
Venue: TUAN@Joo Chiat

What You'll Learn
  • Step-by-step instruction to in sketching and composition (Sketching guide booklet & tracing templates are provided)
  • Watercolor brushwork in pulse and precision practice, glazing, layering, and basic color mixing 
  • Wei Tieng's style in whimsical and abstract realism by concentrating on controlled colour blending, value shifts, and depth. 
  • Tips and tricks on finishing touches that make your painting a piece mouthwatering dessert artwork!
Who This Workshop is For
Whether you're a complete novice or an intermediate watercolour enthusiast, you'll find so many valuable take-aways from this workshop! With the right guidance on these essential techniques, you'll be amazed at how easy and fun watercolour can be! 
What's Included
Refreshments and all materials will be provided, including a take-home kit, specially curated by Wei Tieng. You only need to bring yourself and a dose of sunshine!