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July Special Edition: Florals in Watercolour

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Workshop details
Date: 27 July, 4pm - 7.30pm
Venue: Central/Eastern Singapore (TBC)
by Reena of Molly & Co. Studio
This July, we're super thrilled to have Reena as our guest instructor! Reena's work is fresh, expressive and vibrant. We're obsessed with her soulful style and are certain that you will be too.
To see more of Reena's work, check out: @mollyandcostudio
In this class, you'll get an close-up look into Reena's process of painting floral illustrations in a loose style. She'll be spilling the beans on all the tip and tricks that will make this often daunting technique a breeze to execute.

 What you'll learn:

  • Watercolor techniques for florals & leaves
  • Color mixing
  • Brush Strokes
  • Various flower & leaves painting demonstration

What's included:

  • A thoughtfully curated Kit consisting of:

    • one round brush
    • one palette with watercolor squeezed
    • watercolor papers
    • brush holder
    • A selection of finger food and refreshment
    • Plenty of hands-on guidance



    About the instructor

    Hello, I'm Reena!

    I'm a self-taught artist and have coached many students in watercolour painting for almost 7 years. I'm a believer of "anyone can paint something beautiful" and I can often read one's character or mood based on their artwork, as it does on mine. Art in general is supposed to be a result of an expressive mind that worries nothing.

    I paint almost anything that I can lay my eyes on, especially colourful things! Flowers and food get me into the "zen" mood but anything that requires color blending like skies or wet-on-wet painting can really sweep my feet away like nothings else!

    I am also honoured to be one of Sakura Malaysia's trusted brand ambassadors. What a great journey and privilege it has been standing side by side with other talented artists in the country.