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Watercolour Brush Lettering

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Do you know what I love so much about Brush Lettering? It's expressive, personal, and comes off the page in a way that just makes it so friendly and relatable! 

If the casual vibe of Brush Lettering appeals to you too, then this beginner workshop is the perfect place to begin! 

p/s: Even if you think your is handwriting awful, I promise that your lettering can be the exact opposite!



What You'll Learn

  • How to handle the brush confidently
  • Essential strokes and constructing letterforms
  • Techniques to give your writing a natural flow 
  • Simple ways to decorate your artwork to make a striking impact!

Who This Workshop is For

  • Anyone and everyone who has an interest in brush lettering! We’ll start with the basics so you can get a good grasp of brush handling and letter construction. Complete beginners and anyone looking to get a good handle on the basics are welcome!

What's Included

  • A thoughtfully curated Starter Kit consisting of:
    • Lesson Guide + Practice Sheets
    • Water Brushes in 2 sizes + paint palette
    • 3 mini bottles of liquid Watercolour
    • 6 sheets of Watercolour Paper (A5)
  • A selection of finger foods
  • Plenty of hands-on guidance

Workshop venue: 
Our workshop venue is usually in Central Singapore. Details will be sent via email 2 days prior to workshop day. 

IMPORTANT: Read our Workshop Terms & Conditions before making payment.